Technical Information

Below you will find various technical recourses regarding issues and general questions i get calls for all the time. Hope this stuff can help everyone out.

This page will be updated periodically as we get time.. Check back often!


What does the factory Power Steering Assist setup consist of?

Below is a picture of the items needed to install the factory power assist steering. There are also tapered shims to adjust the front axle caster angle, which are installed under the front leaf springs (not pictured). You will also need the correct truck style power steering pump and engine bracket setup per your engine specifications.


What is the factory paint code/color name for my trucks paint?

Below are the original paint chip sheet for the 1961-1971 dodge trucks.













Hood Adjustment Procedure

I receive a couple of calls a week regarding the back side of the hood sticking up. This is a VERY common issue. I've included below an instructional diagram explaining how to properly adjust/shim your hood. If your adding a ton of shims and you still can't get the hood to seat; more than likely you have worn hinges/springs. I strongly suggest trying to adjust it first though. We can help with replacements if needed.


Door Adjustment Procedure

There are numerous ways to install/adjust your doors. This is the best way i've personally used. Make sure you have solid door hinges. If your door hinges are wobbly, there is no point in trying to adjust the door. You need to rebuild/replace the hinge(s) first. We can help with either one you require.


I have a connection through a Dodge dealership out of Kansas that has located a few original sales invoices for Dodge Sweptline Trucks between 1969-1971. Please do not send me your serial number and ask if they have your original sales invoice. I will not respond.

These documents are not for sale, they will be given to the verified current owner of the truck.

Current list as of 12/30/2011

1287136030 – 1969 D200 RED
1187137438 – 1969 D100 GREEN
D14AE1U325049 - 1970 D100 "DUDE" GREEN*
D21BE0S104993 – 1970 D200 CHASSIS CAB *
D21BE0S105363 – 1970 D200 CHASSIS CAB *
D14AE0U111338 – 1970 D100 WHITE/TURQUOISE
D24BEOS121532 – 1970 D200 TURQUOISE
D24BE0U117041 – 1970 D200 RED
D14AE0S127713 – 1970 D100 BRONZE
D14AE0U118128 – 1970 D100 BLUE
D14AE0U126059 – 1970 D100 GREEN
D14AE0U129128 – 1970 D100 BLUE/WHITE
D11AE0S183328 – 1970 D100 WHITE
D14AE1S307810 – 1970 D100 TURQUOISE
D24BE1S311237 – 1971 D200 RED
D24BE1S317059 – 1971 D200 WHITE
D14AE1S323500 – 1971 D100 ORANGE/BLACK *
D14AE1S322575 – 1971 D100 LIGHT GREEN
D14AE1S325103 – 1971 D100 PURPLE/WHITE *
E24BE1S311771 – 1971 W200 4X4
D14AE1S333106 – 1971 D100 WHITE/BLUE
D14AJ1U324813 – 1971 D100 WHITE/TAN


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