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1961 --19'71 Dodge Sweptline Truck Speedometer Cable

SWP4123: '61-'71 Speedometer Cable. (Cable has a 5/8" nut and a 7/8" nut on opposite ends. The cable insert is .104 square which is correct for the transmission and speedometer sides on 1961-1971 Dodge trucks. Standard and Automatic. Cable comes in three lenghts: 63" 83" or 100". The 100" cable is recommended for W100/W200 trucks.)

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1961 --19'66 Dodge Sweptline Truck Poly A318 Oil Filter Adapter Kit

SWP4130: '61-'71 Poly A318 Spin on Oil Filter Adapter Kit. This kits includes everything needed to make the conversion, not just the plate which is sold elsewhere. Get better filtration and easier replacement!

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Many of the standard engine components can still be purchased at your local parts house. If you looking for a specific engine component that your unable to locate locally, please don’t hesitate to contact us. With over 30 trucks in our current inventory, we probably have the part you need.

We also have numerous NOS and new parts resource not available to the public.

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